Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Considering Old Things

I love the gentle thoughtfulness of the heroine in these books. It is a good example of how to handle the technological glitches that I stumble over. Hint. Try the same thing again. No logic, but it works.

These shears celebrate the 100th anniversary of Singer in 1951. They were brought to our Prayer Shawl Circle by one of the knitters. What a treasure.

My Peace rose is about 15 years old, but this is the year it decided to major in blooming.

I am back to swimming once a week and am so grateful that I have the space and time to swim laps and zen out.

Our old apple tree has given us the most wonderful apples this year. They often fall before they are ripe, or are stolen by the squirrels.

The last of my Christmas knitting is sorted. There may be surprises and disappointments, followed by new plans, but I feel the pressure off. I like to spend the season enjoying the company of others, singing and eating cookies. For less stress, there will be fewer knitted gifts this year. But I am happy with what I am scheming.

These old boots were found in the thrift store. I have spent too much time this year looking for boots that fit. They are all too expensive and don't fit my high arches and long feet. These boots fit as if they were made for me! I love the heavy soles and the leather that knows how to take polish. 
Just right for this old thing.