Friday, December 14, 2007

Can She Make It?

This is a short post because I must return to the festivities.
That is some of the mauve mohair dog sweater I am knitting for my neighbour's grand-dog. I don't like dogs in sweaters and I think they should wait for a real kid. But I love my neighbour and Stella, the black pug is a delight. I'm usure about fit. I've never made one before. The pattern is from Fall 2006 Knitscene (yes the one with the Central Park Hoodie) and I'm trusting the pattern. But not enough to knit in garter stitch stripes. I figured the ribbing will offer better fit. The problem is that it could not fit really badly. We'll see.

My sisters came for our annual lunch (one was snowed in) and we feasted on chicken pie and goodies. It was so good to see them without any distractions. We each brought a gift. This one is from the sister who couldn't come. She made the wrapping paper and inside...Hand made homespund mittens. Squee!! They are so soft and great for reading at the rink.

Lastnight was the Middle School Band concert. The music was great. I was swamped with organizing a silent auction. The local businesses donated great prizes and I even came away with a few, oh pictures.

D. and I went to a Christmas brunch, the first time in several years we could accept the invitation. We stopped at Costco, but I had already scooped some good items at MTF which sells off their rejects. I have done Christmas shopping and even have some January/February birthdays looked after. Then D. bought snow tires for my car. That was so sweet of him and now we can travel the Coquihalla Highway to see my sister in her new ranch. The open house is next Friday.

But right now I have to get back to my flute practice. I accompany a multicultural seniors and kiddies choir tonight and on Sunday (between teaching and the pageant). Whew!

I will be so happy when this weekend is over and I only need to wrap gifts.