Thursday, December 27, 2007

Good Cheer

Christmas was quiet this year.
Christmas Eve was my lunch for my sisters and nephews. My Mom and Paw were in Kamloops. We still had a houseful and they loved the French Onion Soup.
In the evening we went to church where Noodle Pie sang a solo in the choir, I accompanied on flute and sang, D sang and played his trumpet and Mr. Boo rang the bell. It was a beautiful service of carols and readinings.

We had crepes and omelettes for breakfast on Christmas morning with just us. Carly got her own duck.

We had some very nice gifts. This is from a dear friend thanking us for our music.
D like his alpaca toque and admitted to being jelous of all the knitting I do for others and strangers. I knew.
MIL baked and cooked up a storm. SIL and I tried to help, but to no avail. The boys reverted to beer, poker and dirty jokes, the kids were plugged into the bountiful video games, so SIL and I visited. I brought my knitting- a real saving for me.
Don't squeal too loudly at this block of stocking stitch. I am pleased to have finished the back and part of the front of this mens' large baseball sweater from knitty. I'm half-done the front. I knit in the car, in the dark on the windy highway. I knit during Alistair Sim's rendition of A Christmas Carol, during a long Christmas afternoon and even while waiting for the kids to wake up on Boxing Day.

My favourite gift is this Tom Bihn knitting bag as seen in the reviews on knitty. D even ordered the same colour and all the little bags and gadgets. It's even working as a purse while it carries a sock and the navy stst acreage. He also put the 25 year Vogue book in my stocking. Yay. You can see they are making themselves at home in my chair.

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