Monday, December 03, 2007

Snow Knitting

I'm glad I put out seed and suet for the little birdies. I saw a goldfinch, but this is an Oregon Junco. The snow was so bad on the way home from church that I was sure our evening concert would be cancelled.
No such luck. We ended up walking to the church in the pelting ice. The concert was warm and wonderful.
Somehow Noodle had 3 girls come over for sugar cookie cooking in the afternoon. They decimated my kitchen and I hid in the basement, knitting and watching The Four Feathers. A great video.

I hate storms. Growing up on the farm, there was so much extra work. Driving big trucks in the Medical Corps was a lot of responsibility for me. I was the one who had to get through. Then training for Nursing in Calgary was often difficult. It took me quite a while to get the right clothes. I would use the tunnel underground to go from the residence to the hospital. I would use Siberia as my return address. Parts of Dr. Zhivago were filmed in Canmore.
I did get some knitting done. This is the squiggles shawl from Magknits made into a scarf for my lovely flute teacher. I can't tell you how happy I am to get it off the needles. I did not enjoy this strange large needle/ fluffly wool/ side to side knitting. Carly is modelling it here. Everyone is at school or work, so I was able to clean the floors. I'll go out driving for afterschool pick up and delivery.

The heavy, warm rains have come to wash away the snow and threaten flooding. We call it a pineapple express.

Today I hope to cast on some (less than exciting for pictures) navy swatches for another nephew sweater. I enjoy traditional knitting.

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