Sunday, December 30, 2007

Another Acre, Another Celebration

Noodle Pie gave me this precious angel along with a marvelous plain, large journal. She bought them at the Art Gallery in November. I think I'll put it in my little car.
Our decorations were more sparse this year, but they still make me smile. We had a rather grown up Christmas. In a few weeks my kids will be 15 and 17.
This is one of the few things I have from my Grandmother Annie. She's in a home in the next town because one of her daughters (who lives in Saskatchewan) insisted it would be best. No one is nice the quiet shy lady there. I hope to visit her this year a bit more regularly.
We had another big in-law Christmas yesterday. Again it was rather grown up because the little kids were in the other room and our big kids looked after them.
There was a drama involving control of the menu. But the SIL in whose house we gathered was fearless and kind. I doubt the MIL has learned anything, but everyone ate too much, so there was no collateral damage.

I finished the front of the baseball sweater. It was rather quick and easy. Then I wrangled the cable on the sleeve. Sorry, Cary Lantz, but I have very specific cable esthetics. The one she chose over 9 stitches had all three crossing in a single row causing a ruffling and a huge bump that just turned me off.

A good excuse for looking through my Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns by the most wonderful Barbara Walker. But I found a simple plait in the Vogue Knitting Book. I always return to classics. I may not be adventurous, but I know what I like. And I feel that sweaters for men must be simple and understated. At least for the men in my life.
There's a chance I can finish this sweater before I begin classes on January 15. It's not by goal, but would be a bonus. I have my druthers about the fit. Nephew #3 has grown a bit bigger lately. This is the pattern I chose for nephew #4 and I think he still may receive it. His birthday is in September. I still have time to make the big brother a bigger sweater for May. I'll just roll with it.