Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Escaping the Stash

Today is a day for planning.
I took down the tree and decorations and cleaned the front room. Whew!
I have in my stash an inordinate amount of aran wool. I have knit many aran sweaters and so have this very similar stash. I plan to make cabled squares for my son. At first I thought one per month because I really enjoyed the hat a month year a year ago. But this is probably a graduation present and he's only in grade 11, I can take my time and stitch it up, too.
I hope to do 12x12 inch blocks with a bit of seed stitch border and delve into some of my stitch pattern books. Although I am inspired by the Knitters' All American Aran Afghan, I really don't like most of those squares. I'll check in my back issues, though.
I cleaned up my stash enough that I have room to put my knitting magazines on those shelves.
The sleeve is decreasing. I hope to cast on the second one tonight. It depends on family viewing.
I really enjoyed listening to Live and Violet while cleaning this morning. I even joined the chore wars. We'll see if this encourages or intimidates.
I am cleaning up some files and emptying out my upstairs cabinet for the soon to be all-encompassing Nursing courses. I need to buy my books and hook up for on-line lessons. I'm glad I've already gotten my feet wet in that arena.
Hope your New Year's Day is filled with new hope and beginnings.

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Angie said...

The afghan sounds lovely. Best wishes for the start of your Nursing courses! New adventures will certainly keep *your* braincells happy. :D

Happy New Year, Angie!