Friday, January 25, 2008

Warm Hearts

This is the water feature in my best friend's garden. I love the effect, but truly the effect is to shock us with unexpected coldness.
This is the school I'm not attending. It's Kwantlen University College in Surrey. I'm an on-line student, but I was pleasantly surprised to find the campus and find it so inviting. The bookstore was excellent. I found two books I've been looking for for ages, The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie and Peter Pan In Scarlet. How many days in spring break.
I don't know why they have this beautiful stage. I can imaging a Midsummer Night's Dream. Perhaps more like the Merry Wives of Winter. Those are my bags. Lots of books. I met my tutor and she's lovely and also a Pediatric nurse in Oncology. I don't know what I'll do when I get my registration back. If it's all going to be a war zone, I might as well go to the O.R.
Li asked for our favourite landscapes on her blog, "Life's a Stitch" (dot typepad dot com). This is our own Mt. Cheam looking eastward. I look toward her everyday. She's not a Caribbean beach with palm trees, but I love how she has her moods and changes her mantle of snow.
I walked the dog, swept the driveway of spruce needles and even had a flute practice in addition to loads of studying. It felt good to have some energy (afternoon coffee). Last night I went to band and found I could still, amazingly, sight read. It was fun.
Oh, and I did knit around on the pi shawl while we watched a bit of the glass teat.
Happy Robert Burns Day. We have the big pipe band party tomorrow night. 450 people for sit down dinner of roast beef and haggis. It feels strange to be a guest. For so many years my husband and I did the organinzing. I even did the Immortal Memory and sang The Star of Robbie Burns. But I stepped back when I stopped teaching drumming. I'm looking forward to our old friends. Slainte!

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Life's a Stitch said...

The mountains were so beautiful this past week with sunshine lighting what looked like sprinkled icing sugar on top.