Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Treacherous Weather

We're getting way more snow than is normal for here. Our driveway is 300ft and then there's the parking area. Mr. Boo helped do the drive but had to write a final exam. I was using shovelling snow as an excuse to not write my exam. But I went inside after about 90 minutes. I had hit the books late into the night and then all morning. This is unit one. Of eight. Whew! But I wrote it according to my self-imposed schedule and aced it. Immediately I downloaded unit 2. It looked like so much reading, but I've already done all the hand-outs today and am ready to read the chapters in the texts. My shoulder is sore from taking notes and my back muscles are grumpy from shovelling. The good news is I got to duck out of a meeting this morning to study.
The spiral pi shawl is growing. I'm almost done the second of 5 balls. But there has been so little knitting. I'm going to do a bit this evening to help me settle. Monday night was bad when I lost track of time and was in the middle of a chapter at 11 pm. I'm usually in bed by 10:30. I need a long, gentle path to sleep including reading a novel. But I'm a good sleeper because of that.

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Life's a Stitch said...

That is a nice way to go to sleep. When we had TV we used to fall asleep to the National and the Journal, most often to disturbing news stories and equally disturbing sleep. These days I've been going to sleep to Ravelry. Ahhhh.