Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Knitting in the Light

This navy wool is very deceptive. I'm finding that seaming it in the sunroom in daylight makes a big difference to the visibility of the stitches. A men's large raglan has a lot of seams.
Ususally I can only knit in the evening and we'll sit in front of the TV together. But I'm sick.
Everyone I know has this cold. My family had it during the holidays. Our piano teacher has cancelled. Noodle Pie has a sore throat, too.
So I have made two types of soup: lentil vegetable and butternut squash pottage. I have made the creme brulee for the birthday dinner. I get to use my blow torch tonight! I used it to light her trifle candles, too. Our house is full of pyromaniacs, so I'm usually last in line to play with fire.
Lots of hot tea and maybe one of the banana muffins I made last night. This Christmas baking is hard to shake. I may need to make some more goodies until the days get longer.
There snow on the ground again, and a snow warning. This is so strange for us in the Pacific Coast Rain Forest. Another reason to cocoon. Hopefully the transformation will include a finished nephew sweater.
I cast on a scarf yesterday, but the two types of handspun won't play together. Urban Yarns is mailing me another ball of Cashmerino so I can knit my mom some special socks. The mailing will be expensive but less than gas to Vancouver. Plus Kathleen was so kind and cheerful.
I also lucked in with the Kwantlen College bookstore. I start my class next week and don't have my books. They're shipping them to closest campus. Just for me. Thank-you Trudy. I haven't even met you and I'm doing an on-line class, so I won't even get to stop in and visit.
Hope you are all well.
15 years ago I was one week into false labour and trying to get to the hospital in a snow storm. They had said that it was my last day to wait. But she knew when she wanted to get out and she came out with all the skills to eat and scream and sleep.
She is a huge personality and smarter than me. I'm not sure capricorn was the best choice for this house, but she has shaken it up. In the last year she has been able to shine with her solo trumpet in the jazz band, singing at church and teaching little guys how to skate. She is developing some deep friendships with girls her age and is bouncing between teaching band or being a neurologist. Both good choices. She is a knitter. Although patterns are boring to her and she'd rather knit just off the needles, she has made some great kritters, knit most of a red hoodie and is almost ready to felt her black messenger bag.
This is a tough stage to grow through, but she is starting to show some responsibility. I'll need the help to get through my own courses. I won't post her picture, but she has kicky short hair and vibrant blue eyes and is already an inch taller than me.
Happy Birthday Noodle Pie.


Life's a Stitch said...

Just lost my first comment, trying again,. I'm sick, too since last Friday. Back to work tomorrow :-(

Light makes all the difference. After my Ottlite bit the dust on New Year's Eve, I discovered my smaller version missing. Turns out that the boy borrowed it months ago to film a scene at a friend's house, and forgot it. It's back now and my knitting is happy again.

Feel bettter - Li

Angie said...

Happy Birthday to Noodle Pie.

I hope you feel better soon!