Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tumbling Down

All those good critical thinking ideas are not helping me. I was just emailed that I missed my orientation. Apparently an independent on-line study in Nursing requires face to face orintation. I do not like the word "orientate". "Orient" will do, thank-you, nurses. I feel dreadful. Not only did I spend the whole afternoon taking my daughter to the doctor for the same cold that I have worse, but she turned on me like a dragon when I said I didn't feel well enough to go to Starbucks. It's amazing how the inner 15 year old reminds me so much of that two-year old.

In addition, this little dell printer next to me is threatening to send me back to my ludite roots. OK, I'll buy your own special ink cartridges and try to take the ones back to the mall. I'll even order on line. But you should recognize the one I put in. No, it is not missing. Would you like me to move the screen closer to the printer so you can recognize it? Tomorrow I will call dell. But not tonight.

We've just lost one of our brave old ladies at church. I'm terrified that her funeral will coincide with my make up orientation. We all pitch in because we are in the process of getting a new minister: we do not have a minister right now. I'm the right hand to the Worship chair(woman), but I've already messed up my first day of school.

This time I will not be wearing my sister's hand me down light green wool skirt and jacket with the snap on bow. I will not be entering the basement from the girls' side and climbing the wide polished steps to the last class down the hall to the left. I will not take my place in a wood and iron desk that is attached to the one infront and behind me like a sleigh. There will be no kind custodian (Mr. Robinson) with his red dustbane and his wide broom to wink at me. There will be no elderly Mrs. Nichol in her last year of teaching before retirement who likes things done the old way and is relieved that I am not shy like my sister. No, I'm not shy.

Yes I wish this first day of school had been a success. My luck is that my tutor is willing to give me a second first day. Wish me luck.

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