Saturday, January 12, 2008

Finished the Finishing

Casmere socks are done. They turned out pretty quickly and pretty well. Mom's feet are smaller than mine so I think they'll fit even better. I'm ahead of schedule for February birthday.
The baseball sweater is finished. It fits D so well. This is a May birthday for nephew #3. A lot of finishing! But Lucy Neatby was in my ear and my stitches were made happy. The kitchen is a mess and the husband is a bit grumpy. He said I wouldn't have to change much to make him one. Hint. I made the sleeves extra long (my nephews look like they haven't finished growing). So for D I'd make them normal.
And here I am invoking spring with a bright, swirly baby blanket. This is for June. It's probably the best picture I'll get because as it grows, it folds back on itself like a sack. I'll have to move up circulars in a while. I wonder where I put my other 3's?
This is the Round or Pinwheel Baby Blanket from knitlist. The author is Genia Planck. I couldn't get the beginning with her notes, so I went to EZ's Emily Ocker's circular beginning in the back of Knitter's Almanac. It's really just a crochet beginning of 5 stitches. I used to crochet a lot, so I'm comfortable with that, except this Butterfly Mercerized Cotton is very slippery. I also attribute my crochet experienced to my ability to knit continental. That and I'm ambidextrous.

So I have some easy two-long-rows knitting to tuck into when I begin my studies. I still have a jaywalker sock that I carry around and underappreciate.
Yesterday, when I needed to give my hand a rest, I went through all my newly organized Interweave Knits magazines and set up the next two nephew sweaters. The Cascade 220 will work perfectly with the Braided Blues from Fall 2005. This nephew is a bit slighter, so probably a medium with long sleeves would do OK. I'm taking back 5 balls of Phildar which will start me on yet another sweater.
In finishing, I can look forward.

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