Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Beginnings, New Endings.

Mt. Cheam (She-AM) is our local dormant volcano. She is a little sister to Mt. Baker and Mt. St. Helen's. Every day we look to her to see if she is wearing her snow mantle and if her companion, Ladypeak, is dressed like her. When I was little, she was never without snow. Now she loses her snow in the summer eventhough her peak is 6,500 ft. I have climbed her twice.
On New Year's Day I walked around the 5 km block for the first time in many months. My foot injury is healing and I wanted to make a symbolic move forward. I was lucky enough to listen to Cast-On during the walk. Brenda Dayne spoke of "starting as you mean to go". I have taken this literally on the right foot forward.

Today I am making curtains. The TV room downstairs still isn't finished. These curtains are meant to add a theatre-like decor and to separate another room to use as a guest room. I have had to harangue the gang, but the sofa bed is in there and the curtain rod is ready to be hung. Carly is not impressed and chooses to leave her dog hair on everything in protest.
My poor sewing machine is neglected. I treat it like I do the stallion we used to have, with a fair dose of respect and trepidation. It is smarter than me and makes things look easy. But it is noisy and has moving parts and I am always astounded that anything I sew ever turns out.
Finally, January grey skies have settled in. I made my favourite: biscuits. Just from the Joy of Cooking, but they turned out really well. Especially with local honey and hot tea. I'm reading a wonderful Laurie R. King book that is intended to bridge her two mystery series. The first is the Bee Keeper's Apprentice. The bee keeper is the retired Sherlock Holmes and these are stories of his further exploits (with a wife!!). Holmes are the first stories I read when I graduated from Winnie the Pooh. I have always been under his spell. King's second series is set in modern day SanFransisco (one of my favourite cities). I bought the first one, A Grave Talent in an Oxfam shop on Byres Rd. in Glasgow and it kept me happy all the way home on the plane. I wasn't prepared to test the British airport security with knitting needles.

I also had time to listen to an Anne Perry novel on tape while I sewed and knit and puttered. It is a great comfort when the kids are home and I have time to myself, but my house is chaos.

We've been watching Ken Burns' The War. D. loves his WW2 history and I bought him the 6 DVD set for Xmas. This explains how I am on the second sleeve of a large sweater and in danger of injuring my right hand. It's a good thing I have reading to divert me from knitting. Soon it will be all studying.


Angie said...

Mmmmm. Your biscuits look very delicious. I have the Beekeeper's Apprentice on my to-read pile of books.

Life's a Stitch said...

Now I can't tell if my comment was accepted, so delete one if it's a duplicate:
Doesn't she look naked without her snow coat? I'm always checking the Lions for theirs. They're well cloaked this year,