Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Seventeen Years

Mr. Boo turned 17 this weekend. It was a bit quiet because we were both studying. He had a provincial exam and I had my first unit in nursing.
His sister made him a delicious chocolate cake with mocha icing. His study partners were very impressed. This is how they celebrated.

It's all about Dance Dance Revolution in this house. He's a dancing fool. I guess his soccer footwork pays off. They do it together for hours. The dog has to be pushed off the mats all the time.

It was also the celebration of Robert Burns' birthday. Mr. Boo doesn't pipe anymore, but D. does. He is the MC and I help when the band is tuning. We have a lovely Aberdeen School of Highland Dance in our neighborhood and they came out smiling. D. is right behind the green kilt.

Sit down dinner for 400 people with roastbeef and haggis. The scotch tasting bar ran out and all three bands joined together. We were seated with family and friends and had our annual good time.

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Angie said...

Happy Birthday to Mr. Boo. The Robert Burns event looks like it was quite successful and fun.