Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Gift of Knitting

This cold really stinks. What is making me behave and rest is this perfect sock pattern. Karen's Sugar-Free Diabetes Walk Socks that I bought from her website:
It really is a splendid cable pattern that my spongey, gooey brain can manage at this time. The Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran is so sumptuous. These are for my mom's February birthday. Here I was afraid I wouldn't get them done in time and I made one in a single day. I read about all of you doing that, but I thought there was special knitting magic. Apparently one of the ingredients to completing projects is time. Imagine. So eventhough I don't like being sick, I am given the gift of time.
I received a thank-you in the mail and my first honorarium for playing flute. I have been paid to sing before, but this was special. The seniors and kids made it worth while and I thought my flowers were the thank-you. I'd like to buy a charm for my bracelet or something to mark the event, but I just paid several hundred dollars for registration and text books for my course which starts next week. So I should at least put it in the kitty to go toward my flute lessons. It would be great if I could pay for a chunk of them by playing. The gift of music.Noodle Pie was given snorkel gear for her birthday and I found this picture on my camera. Not only is that snow, it is rain-soaked slushy rotten snow. I drove to Langley in poor visibility because of the heavy precipitation.
We are planning a cruise for Spring Break and if they have their own snorkel gear, they can just pop into the water at any beach. The gift of looking forward to tropical journeys. If I feel crappy today, at least it won't last forever and I have my knitting.

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