Saturday, January 12, 2008


Now that I have a few FO's under my new year belt, I have a "can do" attitude. This jaywalker sock has been neglected since I tried to knit it on the Coquihalla Highway on the Winter Solstice. What is wrong with it? I brought it out and compared it to other socks and I thought I was right that it was just too big. I knit loosely and I probably just didn't get gauge.

So I ripped it back and went down from 2.5 to 2 mm needles. Let's consider the first few inches a swatch. In the realm of finish-a-thon, one must include the current projects at risk of being stashed as well as the ones marinating in the pantry downstairs.

I found an OTT (type) light at my bestfriend's favourite store. It's called MTF and they clear out all the Costco merchandise. Yes- cheaper than Costco. So we find books and shampoo and especially cashmere (don't tell D) at half the price or less. Most of my cashmere is clearance.

Here is my first whiff of spring. My snowdrops at the front door are boldly attempting to show. We're having a dreadful wind storm and the TransCanada Highway is closed eastbound to Merritt. My in-laws just arrived home from Vancouver Island and I am thankful that they had a safe ferry trip.

I started my son's afghan. This will be an ongoing project because my best friend knows that the blanket has to be long enough to cover his long body. She's always right and it doesn't always make things easier. So 12 inch blocks need to be at least 6x4 blocks. Probably 6x5 for the proportions I want. This block is Dragonskin from Barbara Walker's Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns. Not only am I going to capitalize on my aran stash, I'm going to learn lots about different cable patterns. All good. Take your time. Plus little blocks means I get to have a new start each time.

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