Friday, January 18, 2008

Knitting My Mistakes

The stitches are trying to jump off. It's time to change to longer needles, but, here in the boondocks I can't buy one to save my life.
We also just received our magazines. Perhaps they were brought by donkey. A few of us have been haunting the news stands. Grumperina has a good article about seaming sweaters in the knitscene, which is for my daughter. Cara (januaryone) is a brilliant photographer and her colourful cards are focused in the Very New Very Vogue section.

The 3.25 mm needles did not really change the gauge and I have a second one to add when it gets bigger. I was disappointed that it was still all bunched up for the photo. But my knitting mistakes are much easier to fix than others.
My tutor was kind enough to reschedule my orientation for Wednesday. I have to drive into Surrey. While I was belatedly getting my student card at the Langley campus, I missed a scheduled lunch with a dear old friend. What was I overlooking when I picked up chocolates (Yum Yum Chili Chocolate from BC Connections) to apologize?
The first chapters of my course took about 8 hours to read. I know it's beginning time, but I am worried I don't have enough hours to do this and look after my life, too. I read thoroughly and made copious notes and study cards. Perhaps there will be less review.
I always say now that I have a mind like a sponge. But it's a very full sponge and you have to squeeze out something to get the new information in. Perhaps I'll lose the lyrics to pop songs from the 70's. Or the lines of the Fool in Marat Sade. I hope it's not knitting related. Maybe my nephews will miss their birthday cards.
One of my youngest nephews had a baby on Thursday. The joy is modified by their fighting with my sister and general sad state of their relationship. But this is my first grand niece and I'm not part of the feud. He's hardly ever talked to me in his 20 years. So I can resume my normal relationship with them and give them the tomten sweater with a gift certificate for necessities.
I hope in all this studying I don't have to give up the necessity of blogging and reading your blogs.

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