Friday, January 04, 2008

A Trifle

It's cold and wet. I'm glad I took the BBD for a walk early in the day. Now we not only have to avoid the word "walk", but I can no longer say "W-A-L-K" nor "Take the thing for a thing". She knows what we mean. Perhaps if we spoke in verse or sang.

I made the chocolate cake and butterscotch pudding for the Skor Bar Trifle:

Layer half a cubed chocolate cake with half a recipe of butterscotch pudding and sprinkle with a smashed up Skor bar. Cover with 1/2 of the sweetened whipping cream from a 500ml (pint) carton. Repeat for a second layer. Top with another terrorized and tenderized Skor bar.

This will be NoodlePie's birthday cake for the family coffee and dessert party we have every year- right after Christmas.

I am coming down with the plague (aka strep throat?). This is my way of not cooking. Tomorrow we will see how well I will not clean.

We're also messing around with making desk calendars. I saw one in "blueprint" magazine.

We have a local photographer who made similar ones with really nice pictures. Perhaps next year we'll do something with adobe photoshop.

No pics today because me camera battery was at the spa when the kids made us tacos for supper last night. It was a nice colourful picture, too. I hope they appreciate the aquisition and application of practical skills.

I lied. We had a few minutes of sun in the north-facing backyard just now so I had to capture it. On these shortest days, we have to celebrate the light.

Unfortunately we feel drawn to the basement DVDs and the movie theatre. We really loved the Golden Compass on New Year's Eve. I took friends and cousins to Mission to the SilverCity big theatre. We enjoyed our midday viewing, Starbucks and Black Bond Books. I have almost all 6 of our book club's choices for the year. But first I wanted to finish the Golden Compass trilogy and the Laurie R. King. Now I've just started Khaled Hosseini's "A Thousand Splendid Suns". This was an unauthorized choice while they passed it around and I'm the last to catch up. It's already as good as the Kite Runner.

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