Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Frog Blog

What are you looking at? Yes I'm ripping out the entire sock that I reknit on smaller needles and fought with the heel for 2 days. Note to knitters. Don't fight with your knitting. It only misses it up.
Can you see how dark the wool is and how dark the sky is when it's snowing? Even with my Ott light, I was messing up. The new lamp just showed the mistakes better.
This is me in the angst of the saddest day of the year (Monday) and to celebrate, I went to a funeral. Yes. A dear friend who has been very encouraging. But I never knew her before the chronic pain from a horrendous car accident and rhumatoid arthritis. She is peaceful now, but she lived with grace and peace.
The ducks in the snow cheer me up. They really look silly.

My best friend is having cataract surgery today. I was wondering what to make her. When I thought of the God's Eyes we made at camp, I went into my craft drawer and found this wire. I put it on a gold ribbon for a book mark. Hopefully she'll be able to see well enough to read next week before she does the other eye. Sigh.
I am so happy to have my spring green pi shawl to knit while I watch TV with the kids. D is in New Orleans and we're getting along OK. I'm doing lots more studying than knitting.
I met my tutor today and she's totally supportive in a way only nurses can be. I am encouraged that she was just going to show me how to navigate the website. Awfully nice, but I'm already up to my armpits. Back to the books.

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