Thursday, December 27, 2007

There and Back Again

On Friday we drove to Kamloops to my sister's new ranch. The morning was beautiful in our back yard.
The Coquihalla Highway was built about 20 years ago and utilized a pass that cuts off about 3 hours from the drive. It is a toll highway (still, though it's long been paid). This is less than an hour east of us.
We took highway 5A through the beautiful Quilchena and drove along the river, through Douglas Ranch (the largest in BC) and Stump Lake Ranch.
These are her Canadian Champion Papillon dogs, Cherie and Peppy. They are very happy on their new land. My sister is happy, her husband is happy to no longer be milking cows on his "little Ireland" farm. My mom is happy visiting and my dad is happy fencing and settting up the shop. They stayed for Christmas.

This is the tree she cut down from the Stump Lake Ranch during a tree cutting party with her friendly and very nice new neighbours.

It started to snow just before we left and my sisters and their husbands (and especially my mom) wanted us to stay. But we had planned to only travel for the day. D wanted to go at all, which surprised me. So I said no, and we drove back. The first leg was a bit dicey to Merrit. It too 1 1/2 hours but after that, the road report of packed ice and slippery patches was true and we made it home, by the light of an almost full moon, safe and sound.

It was so strange to be pulled home- away from my family.

We woke up the next day to snow of our own. We would have had a terrible time on the highway that morning in our little civic. We enjoyed a snow day of reading and eating baking.

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