Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hey Dude, Where's My Week?

This was supposed to be the easy week. The pageant and concerts are done. I just had a flute recital and the book club lunch.
But Mom wanted to come over before they left for Kamloops (eventhough we'll see them there tomorrow) and I ended up cleaning house, grocery shopping and cooking a more substantial meal than I normally would on a Wednesday night. We also cancelled pipe band and skating.
I've been walking the dog and even made it to the gym.
The clay baker has worked overtime with two back to back free range hens. Yummy! I needed more than one chicken to feed 6 people and I needed chicken for the book club Waldorf salad. As well, I made extra broth for the Christmas Eve French Onion Soup.
Book Club was awesome. My friend brought a wonderful parsnip soup to go with the salad and we had Triple J's organic cranberry and apple juice from just down the street. All 6 books were chosen for the year as well- our first time to be so pro-active. And I think another friend will join us to make 5.
I'm excited, eventhough I'll have some trouble fitting it in with Nursing study. This is going to be a big year.
I finished buttoning the EZ tomten jacket and chose to make loops instead of using snaps.
I so enjoy having a cable sweater and a pair of socks on the needles. It feels like zeroing out in my calibration. The attraction of opposites. You probably understand how to balance your projects.
When I was upgrading for nursing school, I was still in the Reserve Forces Medical Corps. We were on alert to take over in case of a general strike (BC politics is a clown show). I couldn't decied whether to take my ballet slippers or my basket ball runners. I'm still like that. I don't rule things out just because their new or different. I am my own set of contradictions.
I have a whole day left in this week and it will be spent in travel. Whew. I feel as if I'm on a big wave that's headed for... what? Hopefully some good choir and flute at Christmas and then lots of family.

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Life's a Stitch said...

I like that tomten better than the baby surprise of hers that everyone raves about.

We had the last Christmas concert of our parenting career this week. It was beautiful.