Monday, December 17, 2007

Planet Gauge

I made it through the concerts. One on Friday night and another on Sunday afternoon (between teaching Sunday School and directing the Pageant). This is a blurry shot of a very nice senior's choir singing with a grade 4-6 choir. Very Christmassy. I wish I had had more time to prepare my flute accompaniment, but it was nice to be included and appreciated. With flowers!
On Saturday morning, my daughter's skating leadership group hosted a Santa Skate. There were tons of little ones and Santa and a bake sale and the usual freezing rink madness.
She did a Mickey in the theme of the "much anticipated" skating carnival.
I managed to hunker down and finish the silly dog sweater. They really like it and have promised me a picture of Stella in her finery.
I don't know what planet I was on when I cast on the Anniversary Sweater (knitty) a few weeks ago. I made sure I was ready to jump in on Sunday night and it was twice as big as I expected. The gauge was all off!!!
So I reswatched (in pattern, I prefer to set gauge in st st). And I reknit and I reswatched and couldn't get gauge.
Finally, I chose the gauge I liked for the springy navy phildar and went looking for a pattern in that gauge. Bass ackwards. But I will be spending quite a bit of time with this project and I don't want to fear the ghost of swatches past.
I chose Baseball (also knitty). I had planned to make it for the next nephew, but I think it's what this yarn wants to be. I usually don't like large swaths of st st, but for Christmas, it could twine my head together.
I also started and LOVE the jaywalkers. Who knew two rows could make such an excellent pattern? Well, everyone, but me. I'm always the last on a trend. But this is a good one.
I hope I have figured out the navy sweater. The relaxing break is not as useful if there is sighing and cursing. I would like the gauge fairy to revisit my knitting bag and make it work again.