Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Away Down South

Emily and I are going to Burlington to shop with SIL and neice. This will be our third year and thanks to Grandma for the hotel (go Airmiles). I am out of my league with their uninterrupted focus on clothes. But they humor me by dropping me at a book store. I don't know if it bothers them because we have that kind of relationship. I shouldn't start off with trepidation, but it can be hard for me to live on the slick surface.
However, I may score a great handbag and maybe a new book.
Oops. I tried to add a new blog to my sidebar and they were all wiped out. Right now I'm not smart enough to fix it in the time before we leave. I'll have to try to remember how I did it when I get back. Drat.

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Angie said...

I hope your shopping expedition went well! A new book and a new handbag are both great to-gets!