Saturday, August 09, 2008

Jiggedy Jig

We spent two days in Burlington/Bellingham/Tulalip doing girl-bonding. The Seattle Prime Outlets open at 10am, but that's OK, there's a Starbucks to make waiting easy. We stayed and shopped until about 5. Whew. I was OD'd on teen stores and shoes- for sure. We did find some great items at decent prices. New shoes for nursing- starting to feel real.

But the real fun was Michaels and Wallmart and Target. Aren't we hick? We survived because I had the minivan. Because we stayed 2 nights, we had a much higher duty-free limit. We're just not up to lying and cheating. This was better. Plus two nights out to dinner and time to play in the pool.
My best find was a clear bag with leather handles at Ross. They have some of the same stuff as TJMAx (at home it's Winners). I don't usually have the time or patience to shop in those discount stores, especially if they're all grotty and messy. But they do have good bags.

In the bag? My Olympic knitting which I'd better get doing: Fleece Artist Soft Wavy Wrap. Let the doping and slander begin. (What if we spent as much energy and money on "Teacher Olympics" or "Nursing Olympics" or areas of expertise that could actually serve for the greater good of the society, instead of glorifying sport? Oh, and the entertainment argument doesn't work on me because I'd rather see Shakespeare. Sorry, it's just my thing.

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