Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bad Mouse, Good Mouse

It's been a rough couple of days because my computer wouldn't start, or it wouldn't stop starting. D installed a wireless mouse that went all crazy on my other systems. This is the new desktop that replaced the much-missed laptop that crashed. Finally D fixed it tonight by purging the old unrepentant chewer of good pathways and putting in a new, better-behaved mouse. I hate to be without my connection to your blogs.

Add to that he had organized a moving company to take away the old fridge. I was not consulted. It ended up being between 1 and 3 Tuesday afternoon. Except they came at 6!!! Plus I couldnt study because my computer was down and this is what was going on in the adjoining kitchen:
A 4 layer chocolate cake from scratch. My 15 year old daughter had chocolate all over the house.

Wait, it looks better than that.

So I gathered up my "stuff", rode my bike, walked the dog, did some ironing and brought out my swift. This is the 1500 meters of paper-like linen ribbon "Shosenshi" from Habu that I bought at K1Yarns Boutique in Glasgow last year this time. It's a heck of job to roll up, but the ripples shawl is not lifting my spirits. This is odd enough to intrigue me.

I did get 4 hours of studying done at the office today. I'm making study cards of each of the 15 weeks and I managed 4. So I may be able to go to IKEA tomorrow and buy a chair for the TV room. I know, dorm, starter furniture. But I sat in one a few weeks ago, you know the Poang, and I liked it. I don't want to get good furniture until the teens are grown. They may even want to take it for their dorm.

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Angie said...

Lovely flowers, yummy chocolate cake, and, my goodness, that looks like a lot of yarn!