Friday, August 01, 2008

Thanks For the Scoop

Angie, at Purling Oaks challenged her readers to try this quiz. I usually find them on "And She Knits Too". I can't eat icecream anymore but I used to work at an icecream store in Calgary. If it was 30 degrees below zero, people would come out by the car load. It was fun. I made the best shakes and got to play the old honky tonk piano when it was quiet. I have contact dermatitis, a red skin rash, to chocolate icecream. Try explaining that to your nursing instructor.

Here are the mods I promised to share. My heart was seriously beating a blue streak as I played with paper and glue. Creating with something just make it pretty. It has been so long since I just made a big mess. I wasn't sure how it would turn out, but I'm liking it.

The "Jobmate" tag came off easily with a seam ripper. The red ribbon was too wide for my pink polkadots, so I framed it with an ivory grosgrain ribbon. My little pink Swiss Army knife was the starting point for the colors. It has a very keen little pair of scissors. (We decided the perfect little knife would have scissors, nail file, book light and corkscrew). I covered a neat little notebook with pink scrapbook paper. Oh, and the brads- perhaps a little too Barbie, but I was after whimsy.

The other side has a cool new mini scrap book in the shape of a luggage tag. We have a serious scrap booking store in town. I have set it up but haven't printed the little pictures yet because the replacement printer doesn't work either. Now Dan wants to buy me a new one. Just something simple that works, please.

I have shamelessy planted pink and white flowers in my garden. It gives me great pleasure and makes every bouquet a song. This is a mallow that was a gift from one of the pipers for my 40th birthday. I disappeared one year, but now it's happy in its dappled light under one of the spruce trees.

When I can extend my aesthetics, without being teased or criticized, I, too, feel harmonious with my habitat.

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Angie said...

I love the transformed bag! Wonderful changes and additions. It is quite the usable bag now, I'm sure. I love my swiss army knife....but mine is red. :D Have a super weekend!