Sunday, August 17, 2008

Moving Right Along

The mile of Habu linen tape has been wound. It's almost too hot to knit, even in the basement which is actually a cement bunker.
I did manage to finish the Fleece Artist shawl. Are the Olympics over yet?
I must make myself finish the nephew sweater (already at the armholes) and baby blanket before I start anything else. But I am allowed to swatch. I have already started a Philosopher's Wool sweater. I should put that in the basement in the mandatory knit section.
I am happily walking almost everyday, the 1 hour 5 km trip with very little foot pain. I've even gone for a bicycle ride in the evening. But we're losing our summer. The last few days it has been almost dark before it's been cool enough to play outside. This is unusual for us. Today it overcast and hung in the air like warm porridge. Everyone is edgy.
I hope to write my Pharmacology final on Friday (before?) so I have been making cards based on the objectives. I fininshed week 14 so I could have extra study time but a lot of that was eaten by family. Imagine me at the dining table with a fan trained right on me to stand the heat.

D was on call, but he managed to find the time to test drive a Porsche. This was a sweet and "affordable" Boxter, but he doesn't want a convertible and neither do I, so I didn't make him buy it. Eventhough he really needs to do this. Another one will come by.

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Life's a Stitch said...

You have a lot on your knitting plate - all yummy.