Thursday, August 21, 2008

Over Knitting Means Knitting Over

The sign of the frog.
One of these things is not like the other. Above, the back is finished to the correct length and ready as a template for the front. But wait.
How can I decrease 6x1 and 3x6? What was I thinking when I did the back. Did I want to knit the extra 24 stitches over and over for my good health? I could be almost finished and instead I'll cast off the front and frog down the back. At least then I'll only have to knit straight up and fewer stitches to boot. I hope to make this a priority as nephew #4's birthday is just after Labour Day and I should be able to take it up to his mom' s in Kamloops next week.

Olympic shawl lounging in the front room. I picked the wrong picture, the blurry one. But I, too, and taking it easy. A whole day of shopping yesterday with my best friend and our big boys. I was proud of Scott for putting up with puttering. He even had fun at Winners - a marathon with Jean always- by adopting a glass cat and wearing a sequined straw hat. We ate at Fat Burger which was universally praised. I had a turkey burger (rarely do hamburger unless it was from a single animal and I knew how it was raised), but loved the atmosphere. Jukebox!
Today is a bit of catch up with the house, etc. I may go to the wool shop tomorrow morning to knit along. It is cold and raining and my dog is sick again, so I'm not that keen on walking.
Tomorrow is also the wrap up concert for Emily's Jazz Band Camp. It's always dynamic and entertaining. We shall salvage this summer day.

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Life's a Stitch said...

I have never seen a frog that tiny! I can't understand how Fat Burger gets any business with that name. My son LOVES them.