Monday, August 25, 2008

The Nurse is a Fool

D and I went to the Bard on the Beach for my birthday present: King Lear. It was a good production led by a brilliant performance by Christopher Gaze ( also the Artistic Director) as the tragic king. It was set in the not too distant future and he was a rich man in a wheel chair. A fun twist was the fool was his nurse. I'm afraid I'm very attached to a Lear production done at UBC when I was there. Cordelia was a stunning actress and they used the twist where she was also the fool, the youngest, loyal daughter who stayed with her father.We actually found Legendary Noodle this time. What fun! They make the noodles in front of you in this tiny restaurant that is actually in the top 10 in Vancouver. Unfortunately D had an MSG reaction, so we'd have to see if we can hold the MSG before we eat there again. I couldn't believe the beads were the real door. There was lots of Beijing buzz in the air.
Next door is Cupcake. It has such a festive atmosphere and great displays. But the cupcakes are no better than the ones my daughter makes. Sure I'll share just one bite.
The Braided Blues is is finished! I spent most of yesterday finishing the back and then doing the finishing. I can't believe I got it done in time to bring it up to the ranch. Nephew #4 may even be there for his birthday. He's a computer animator, living in Kitsilano. I hope he likes the sweater.

I've already cast on the Malabrigo silk in the Woodland Shawl. I found it on Ravelry and Pinar even suggested I make it one repeat narrower to get a longer shawl. I adore this personal connection. Who could help me more than a fellow internet knitter?


sweetgeorgia said...

Legendary! I've always wanted to go there... but Shaolin Noodle House on Broadway at Cambie is where I've been going for handmade noodles. I don't think they put MSG in anything there! :)

Life's a Stitch said...

You are a nice auntie!

Soundls like you had a good time in the big city.