Sunday, August 03, 2008

Take it in Big Bites

Cultus Lake United Church Camp (CLUCC) is wonderful separate space only 30 minutes into the mountains. I nursed up there for 10 years and hope to go back next year with my shiny RN. Emily just spent a week at Teen Camp and stayed in the cabin our church sponsors and fixes up, Dogwood. Deer are common at the Nurse's Cabin. I saw them right next to the Rec Hall.

When Barak Obama was talking with British MP David Camer0n, a snippet of their conversation was overheard. You've got to have time to think. Cameron calls the diary chalked up in 15 minute increments the "dentist waiting room". So true.

I spent several hours yesterday, amidst my family, but fighting off the distraction, to get my Pharmacology reading and work done. At the end I handed in a paper, posted an opinion and then wrote a quiz in 1 minute 43 seconds (got all 15 questions right). It's the immersion.

The big bite of time you get on a holiday- at the beach house, next to the pool, on the beach, even on the plane- is what I'm really craving now. It can take a big chunk of time just to ease into the true thoughts. A good book can help crack the insect chirrup of daily life. Or a quote like that above.

Busy, do.

In the evening we go downstairs and watch videos and I knit. It's at least one hour in a chunk. Not the best use of time, but we finished the first season of Lost and have only 30 minutes left in the seventh and last season of Star Trek: Next Generation. Is that an accomplishment? We already watched all of Enterprise and have Deep Space Nine in the wings.

It's a better foil than reading to break from all the text reading I do. Plus I get to knit.

Are you as bored with my knitting as I am? I have the letters done, the first border and part of the provisional cast on border. Next: pick up 187 stitches on each side. This will require lots of little markers. What goes into 187?

I don't even dare to dream of what I'll knit next. Something for myself? I tend to just not finish them. Oh, but I've committed for the Olympics.

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