Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Late Summer

These are my daughter's anemones. From my mom. They are also called windflower which I love very much.
When she was little, she decided that her superhero name is Anemone Emily. Or Anenome Emily. The fish. We have trouble with that and don't care because she was little. What's your superhero name?
I have decided to treat myself to a little luxury. You can see it here among the chaos of my real life. I have a friend who always has fresh flowers. If she buys them or someone else, it doesn't matter to her. They are in the living room and in the dining room and I especially like the small bouquet in the guest bathroom. I try to do at least that when I have company over.

I have decided to use the vase she bought me and keep some flowers by my sink. I have so many in the garden. I can afford a few in winter. Everything else in my house (gasp) is silk. But you can't tell with the orchids and I'd just kill it anyway. This is a little joy among the chores.

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Life's a Stitch said...

I was called LeLips in eighth grade. It was a play on my real name coupled with the name of a Revlon lipstick and attested to my super talking skills.