Wednesday, September 17, 2008


No. Not my daughter's room. That's in the "Pick your fights" catagory. It's starting to affect her, though. I refuse to help her look for stuff.
It's more in the computer. Do you ever read the blog 43 folders or uncluttered? I learn little bits. Trickles of ideas that I can use or save or reject.
I organized some of my photos. That's a real chore! I want someone to label them. I can move them, but how can I decide on file names and sub-files? I have made a good start because I learned a new and important skill: I copied digital photos to a disc to send to my sister with dial-up. I know, it's easy, just follow the steps. But you have to invest the time and start at the right place.
I also added a side bar to my blog because I want to have this information, but I don't think I need to carry it around with me. Books I've read this year. I think I'll try to do an FO list to, but I need to check the blog for that. This is a cool organizing tool.
My flute lessons are off to a good start, though I really need to improve my tone. I love my pieces and my instructor is so cool and loves to design knitting.

February Lady is the friend I turn to for the short amount of time I can knit. Sam had some great ideas on Lime & Violet Chum, but I haven't had trouble reading the stitches to find what row I'm on.

When Jean was here, I put a line through it and tried it on and we think it's going to even fit. It has been a very long time since I knit something for myself and it fit. I have hopes because I just sent a cheque in the mail to a Ravelry contact for some wool for another sweater for me. She sounds great and it was a lucky link up because she doesn't live that far away.

They say it's the last hot, sunny day. I don't know if I believe them, but it was 30 degrees yesterday! It's clouding over, so we may be heading to fall.

I'm still working on assignments but with much less fear and anxiety. I have an orientation on Thursday (she only posted it on Monday!) so I'll try to communicate face to face instead of this rediculous circle of email and phone messages that doesn't get me any answers.

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Angie said...

February Lady looks very nice at this point. Lovely color.