Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Where's Angie?

That's a good question. If we look at the map of Canada (National Geographic Atlas), look waaaay over to the left coast.

I'm in British Columbia, almost on the 49th parallel and almost at the water, but not quite. The climate is similar to Seattle. Warm and green and wet.
It always tickles me to see Chilliwack on a map. I actually live in Sardis which would be a smaller dot on the other side of the Trans Canada Highway, but it is no longer its own village. We're now about 60,000 people and the inevitable but unfortunate (and inconvenient) bedroom community for the giant Greater Vancouver Regional District. It takes about an hour to get to Vancouver, depending on the always heavy traffic and if we can use the high occupancy (HOV) lane. I can use the bus or drive across the Fraser River to Mission to get the commuter train, or drive to Surrey to catch the Sky Train. But none of it is convenient. It's about 20 minutes to the Sumas border crossing.
The Fraser Valley is on the banks of the Fraser River which is one of the great aquafirs of the world and was featured in National Geographic a few years ago.
WhenI was growing up, we were 30,000 dairy and raspberry farmers.
You can see Kamloops to the north and east in the North Thompson River area. That's where my sister's ranch is.

If you really want to know where I live, it's just beside that really pointy tree that is sticking out in the middle of that row of trees on the edge of the field. Another picture of my beloved Mt. Cheam (SHEE-am). I'm trying to make up for not taking pictures on my walk (hike?) up Teapot Hill. I'm so sorry. It was perfect conditions and all mossy rainforest. But I was nervous about this first foray into the hills since my injury and forgot my camera. I really sucked wind. But Emily was patient and we had apples and fresh cookies at the top. Of course we saw old friends up there, we always do. I'll take pictures next time. I'm anxious to go up again so that I can look back on that first walk and smile and pat myself on the back and marvel at how much better in shape I have become.
Today was a bike ride. Good autumn weather.I tried to swatch for the Bristow
(http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEwinter05/PATTbristow.html ) but I couldn't get gauge with my Cascade 220, so I went for my next in line, February Lady Sweater from Pamela Wynne at http://www.flintknits.com/ (check under free patterns) and it's coming along fine. I have knit the baby sweater from EZ's Knitters' Almanac several times.

The binder at the top of the picture is my circular needle storage system. I use clear sleeves, like we use to store patterns and music and just labelled each with the size. I like that the needles can be stored relaxed, not too rolled up. But it doesn't help me meet gauge.

First day of school with both kids at the same highschool and the new rule of never being driven. It's closer than the Middle School, I hate the "Get in the car!!!" discussions and I have to train them to get ready for my returning to work. They seem in good spirits and are rewarding themselves with video games. I'm OK with that. Tomorrow is a full day for them. I have a fall planning meeting at church. Thursday is a haircut and Friday (!!) is an interview with the hospital to set up my preceptorship where I will do my on-the-job training with an RN instructor. I'm nervous. More knitting in this last day before I have to crack the books again.

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Angie said...

Thank you so much for the map views. I now have a nice visual map I can refer to when I read your writings. Best wishes with the Friday interview!