Monday, September 29, 2008


I got a package from Saltspring this week. My sister sent the cards I ordered. She's an artist and this is one way she is experimenting with interacting with the public. I love them. The only problem is that, though they're gifts, they're not meant for me.

The crows remind me of the Raven series sock yarn.

Go check out her website:

February Lady and I are still watching TV together. But there hasn't been a lot of that. When I camr back from my lab, D and I went out to dinner with another couple I don't really know. But she's a nurse and we had a great time. He's very shy and I barely remember him from school. But he works with cows and I hear about him from D.
Saturday was all day in Harrison Hot Springs. I love the lake. Another sister has a cabin there.
Scott was part of a pretty spiffy piano teachers' conference. He received wonderful adjudication on his Rachmoninoff from Stephane Lemelin. What a gracious and great fellow. I'd really love to go to a concert where he plays.
Scott was in the afternoon. Then after dinner, and after a long delay, my best friend's son competed for the top piano student in BC. It was an amazing (and amazingly long) concert. Our friend played last, at 10 minutes to 11. Whew! But he came third and was a real star.

I picked up the sleeves on the sweater and now am knitting in the round. Amazingly I had the right sized needle. The weather is gorgeous. I planted bulbs with my Sunday School yesterday morning and then went for a bike ride. But the late night caught up with me early. I did finish Mansfield Park which is another enjoyable Jane Austen. I can't believe I haven't read them all because I read some of them several times. I will fix that this year. One year I read all of Dickens.

Hope you have survived the crazy circus that is September and can settle in to some lovely fall activities.

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