Friday, September 12, 2008

Whirling Undertow

It's been very busy at Chez Metaphor. I have managed to mostly keep up walking the dog and watching Lost with the family (red "knitting". February Lady bit me on the increase row, but I placated her with y terrible math and carried on with the easy lace as if we were friends.
Scott finished the bench which was one of the big things on my summer list. It is the one thing we have from D's grandma's house. I found some upholstery fabric on sale. I'm pleased with it, although I would have liked to keep the different colours of wood. I'm proud of Mr. Boo.
I also harvested the pods from my lavenders. I hope to sew and maybe embroider sachets and eye bags for my friends. I would love for them to have comfort to help rid a headache, and I want to discourage moths in my stash.
Finally. Finished. I knit the last border and sewed in all the ends just before school started and it got placed in a safe place (read "forgotten"). I just steamed the edges and waited for some natural light a la Brooklyn Tweed as told to Sticks and String. I have some practicing to do with my photos. But I love the excuse to take lots of pictures. Some day I may even be able to scrap book a little.
Right now I'm trying to get 11 assignments done in 3 weeks and going slowly. I need to hand them in on the first day of my labs which may or may not be running as scheduled. I sure don't have the flexibility in my schedule to postpone them. At this point, I'm already working full time through Christmas. But when I'm done, I can revert to the more sane (I hope) part time.
We have the September we dreamed of: warm and sunny, cool at night. It is important to go out in the good weather as a practice of gratitude.


Life's a Stitch said...

We have no TV reception way up here on the mnountain and I refuse to pay for cable, BUT I have managed to watch every episode of Lost and Six Feet Under.

Missed out on some of the beautiful BC weather last week, but this weekend will be a winner.

Angie said...

Lovely photos. You've certainly been productive! I wager you will finish your assignments on time as well. We've had a lovely September so far including rain today to keep things from getting too crisp.