Monday, November 03, 2008

Cant' Tear myself Away

I am loving this pi shawl. I am so excited about the next set of increases at 48 rows. Sam from Lime& Violet was right. Her blog is: . She suggested using small hair elastics to count rows. Here I have them every 10. I can cut them off after. My Noodlepie daughter has cut her hair really short and these were never used.

All Saints Day is for planting Amaryllis. A few years ago I sang a song by that name. I gave my voice teacher an amaryllis. For a few years we were travelling in January and my mom would babysit the plant getting all the bloom. This year she bought me one. It may backfire on her because we're not travelling until February. Watching it grow (like corn) is one of the treats of our holiday season. I know, bite my tongue. But I'm going to be working full time shift work during Christmas so I need to be organized.
Which brings me to these lavender-filled eye pillows for my book club friends. They are meant to help relieve headaches. I figure if I can get them to lie still for a while, that'll help anyway.
The present that stalled is the black lace shawl. Yawn. I'm having trouble getting through a full row. I did work on it last night and prove to myself that it's not too difficult. I'll put it in a different knitting bag (why does that work?) and I may get a metal chart holder like I used to use for my cross stitch, just to keep track of the row.
My sister has joined her daughter, my niece on Ravelry. It's weird getting messages and passing on information. They are such knitting on the net newbies. I still have not unveiled my blog, but they may find it from my Ravelry page. Say hi if you drop by. The blog has been a not very well kept secret for 2 years now.

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Angie said...

The eye pillows look lovely and should relax anyone with the fragrance. I also enjoy Amaryllis in the winter months. Being organized is always a good thing. :D