Sunday, November 02, 2008

Camp Leaves

We ahave a very special place at Cultus Lake: the camp. For many years I volunteered as a nurse there during the week of my birthday. I was a new grad there, pregnant (twice) and brought my babies up. I love teen week and staff training week. It's about 6 acres right on the far shore of the lake with a 99 year lease that is almost up.
I mentioned last year, when my daughter was a camper, that I hoped to nurse this coming year. I was told we may not have a camp. So I finally volunteered to go on the board. It will be a significant part of my life in the years to come. I have been waiting for a long time to have this choice.

Through this woods is the nurses' cabin. It has heat and water and a bathroom. But it is still rustic. I have my own rituals: bring shortbread and colouring books and puzzles. Work on some writing and reading. There are no electronic music sources allowed. Eventually I started bringing my guitar. I enjoyed meeting the nurse team leader again who brings flowers in a crystal vase, lemon pie and gives all medications with chocolate milk. Up close, this cabin is on the edge of the property, closest to the lake. Often there is a deer in front in the morning. It is so quiet that I spend quite a bit of time worried that I have missed an emergency or the flow of camp schedule. Maybe they'll let me carry my cell phone, though I don't think we can get reception up in the mountains.

There were a lot of leaves!!

D came with the youth group (who didn't show) and worked eventhough his back was a bit re-injured.

We had a hot lunch of soups and stews and cookies. It doubled to clean out the larder.

Then back to work. Emily and I were a team, developing blisters and wearing out our hands and backs. She's on fire to fund raise to save the camp. I'm scheming.

We picked up most of the leaves. They are piled in the back woods to compost. This year we may bag and sell some of the compost. I'm going to try to researchmoss gardens. It was a long day with lots of laughter. When I came back to my car, the maples had carried out their revenge on my car.

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Angie said...

Camp sounds like a magical place. I hope your efforts are successful and save it.