Friday, November 21, 2008

Too Soon?

I think it's too soon to start with Christmas decorations when your wreath matches your geraniums (blurry picture notwithstanding). This made me laugh.Amaryllis update: the bulb is alive. I was worried there because I seem to have a black thumb for houseplants since my babies were born. "Shut up, I'll water you later." So it was with mixed emotions I received this gorgeous flower arrangement from my mother. She is an unparalleled plant woman and gardener. I honestly took inventory to decide which plants would die first and how I could hide them from her. I am duty bound to keep it alive at least until after New Years when I will repot them and kill them separately.
It's also too soon for me to decorate.Look at the green grass and the leaves still on the trees. The temperature did take a dive today and I will bundle up for my dog walk. This is a good trail that leads to the cornfield behind my house. In my neighbourhood the fields are lined with sidewalks. The kind of encroachment I can enjoy.

And I enjoyed everything about this Pi shawl. You are witnessing gentle blocking sans pins. It is technically machine wash and dry-able, but, because it's not meant for a baby, I didn't want to stress it. I'll embroider Grandma's name on the border and hopefully be allowed to give it to her. The care home she's in isn't allowing personal items, but I suspect it is just my controlling aunties. If not, I'll give it for Christmas which was the original plan.
So maybe I am a little more ready.

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