Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Simple Answers

The rain has begun. But Bill Mason, the great paddler said, "There is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing." I had the opportunity to walk without rain, but ended up on the phone, Monday, catching up and organizing my week. Carly-dog loves going out in the rain. She is part Labrador and that is a wild and wet area of Canada.
This is what happens when I'm out of the house. The other pictures they took of themselves are funnier, but I like the smiles. Emily has cut Scott's hair since the summer. This marks a step away from the last year or so of animosity.

And I found a simple answer to my lace pattern problem. Couldn't find my own (borrowed, lost?) so I stopped at the stores on the way home from my class and bought a metal board with magnetic strips. I used to use one form cross-stitching. Well, immediate success. Like my curtains, I just need time to ruminate on a problem and find the simplest answer. I am encouraged that I can knit this now, even with other people around.

Here are the curtains, a few shots of the TV room I repainted last year, and the chair I sit in to knit infront of movies.

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