Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Our little cenotaph downtown was ringed by veterans, boyscouts, girlguides, cadets, RCMP, firemen and the pipeband.
Cold and mostly misty rainy, we joined together to recite, "We will remember them."

I got to recite Flanders Fields at church on Sunday and Emily did the last post there and at the Friday school assembly. I made the teens attend the Remembrance Day parade because I hate going by myself and they're old enough now to do their duty.

At Scotty's age, I served in the Reserve Forces Medical Corps (about a hundred years ago). We attended the big parade in Vancouver and caught the people fainting, etc. I am proud of the Canadian achievements. My uncles served during the war and our family stories are quite wrapped up in the excitement and valour.

My friend, Jean, and I watched the movie Paschendale on Friday which was super and was directed by and starred one of my favourite actors, Paul Gross. Go see it if you can. Great depiction of horrific battles and the humanity that shines through.

I'm still knitting the pi shawl. Now every row takes as long as the whole centre added up. But my Grandma has been moved to a higher level care facility and is not only frail and dizzy, but has added not eating. I hope to finish the blanket in time to offer her some comfort.

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