Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Knot Knitting

Yesterday, in a fit of trying to be functional or successful, I made a tutu. Thanks to http://alison.knitsmiths.us/ from the blue blog for the tutu tutorial. This is for one of D's cousin's daughters whom we don't really know. But she's a girlie girl and loves to dance. I made the waist band for her 8 year old size, but the length for a 10 year old (Lands End guidelines) because she's really tall. I bought an extra roll of tulle to make it really full. It is just knotted over an elastic waist band. With it we have the Nutcracker picture book and a Tchaikovsky CD. The good news is we will see her at the family gathering after Christmas.

We were with family on the weekend for a favourite uncle's 60th birthday. He is a great dad too and now has 3 grandsons. Such a treat to hold babies. My one sister-in-law is so stingy with her kids I have all but given up knowing them.

I have gone over the lists and stockpiled gifts - even that is exhausting. I have only a few gifts left to find and all (all) my baking. That list has been pared down, too, but I'm under the gun to get it done before I go to my full time hospital training. My preceptor instructor phoned yesterday and sounds so nice. Whew.

I had a flute practice with the singer and piano accompanist. I am so out of my league and they added another piece. It is very nerve wracking. Yet I want to do it. More practice while my shortbread bakes.
I forgot to say that the alphabet blanket was a big hit with the new mom (my flowergirl) and the green swirl pi blanket is the other baby boy's very favourite thing. (smile).

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