Monday, November 17, 2008

We Have Pi

Lying unblocked in the November sun. She's a good size and I hope Grandma will be allowed to have it with her. It depends on the aunties who are her gatekeeper.
This is a fun and quick knit. I'm trying to collect pictures of all the ones I've done- at least 6 or 7.
This frees me to work on the black diamond shawl, the silk blend scarf I started in the summer and maybe some fingerless mitts for my flute teacher. I'm excited about trying the magic loop. Ever the cutting edge of a trend, I know.
Wednesday is my skills test. I was good with it until my classmate phoned me with some questions that seemed simple but were hard to pin down to the best answer. Now I'm nervous again. I'll read the assessment book again- outloud. But first I'll walk the dog in this pleasant light.

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