Friday, October 31, 2008

Don't Trust the Fairie

I grew up with Irish music and stories. I have to laugh at the new trend in little girls treating Tinkerbell like Barbie. Don't they know that fairies will trick you, switch your child and enslave you? Remember, Tinkerbell tried to kill Wendy.
I'm not a big Disney fan, either.
But it is Hallowe'en and this is my Grade 10 daughter looking enchanted in her costume she made herself. Thanks Alison for the tutu tutorial.
And yes, this fairie had an altercation with her teacher yesterday when he questioned her authority. Very Disney with all the special effects. Today seemed to be the remedy, but it's cold and rainy (as always) for the little trick or treaters.
I had my last lab: central lines, PICC lines, TPN, PCAs and most of the rest of the alphabet. I sucked it up, took control, and booked my skills test for the middle of November. So now my fear has a deadline. It's a tough thing to study for. I remember the casualty simulations in the Medical Corps. They had quite a festive atmosphere (and lost of simulated blood). Here I get to be in the lab (not in the field) and I get to verbally identify my mistakes rather than being expected to not make any at all. Now then, (oops) I've just broken the sterile field... again.
Not this weekend. Tomorrow is clean up at the camp and I sing at church on Sunday, the only song I have ever written.
Now I shall mindlessly knit in circles as the Pi shawl develops.

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Angie said...

Your daughter makes a very nice fairie even if she may hide in my garden to trick me. :D

We had no trick or treaters but that saves me from eating more chocolate than necessary.