Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Storing My Ideas

I have now graduated to the "naked desk". When I wake up in the morning, the only thing I have left on my desk is my planner (D*I*Y* Planner). These baby steps are starting to make a difference. My papers are being filed in the right places, my homework is done and handed in. I went to a meeting today and said "no" to a few tasks because I just couldn't see myself honestly doing them. Normally I would say yes and then phutz and quiver with guilt, and then start practicing my apologies. This is much quicker to me not doing something that doesn't need to be done by me and doesn't fit into my own priorities. Good idea, why don't y*o*u* do it?
When I am done my studies, I hope to slide my organization skills into my stash. D hates the look of my yarn in baskets and containers. I had a lovely cubby system that held small plastic bins of yarn. But he moved the wool into the pantry. I rather like the look of this cupboard.

I could probably find space for that in the music room that used to be my very own office. That way I won't have to wade through the recycling and bulk foods to eyeball my dreams.
What do you use?

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