Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lots of Sound

Tuesday night was the highschool band concert. What a rush! My little girl played french horn in the concert band, sang alto in the vocal jazz, played trumpet in the jazz band, trombone in the jazz combo and then snare drum in the drum line. I loved it. Gagnon, the teacher, made me hostess and dispatcher of programs, which I did right next to the donation jar. I also got roped into the 50/50 which was fun (I always say I hate it) and had a big winner. Counting the money was tricky, but Jean and I have done it together before on pizza day. Her son played his Beethoven- wonderful!

With the intention of simplifying my crazy life, I bring you some solutions. This is my kitchen mat at the sink. We need something soft there. It picks up a lot of the spills and such. This is a non-rubber backed bath mat in a low pile and neutral colour. I have two. I can always (flip it over) throw it in the wash and put down a clean one. I have 2 back door mats, too. If I was smart, they'd be the same.

We have a big black dog. I found this boot tray after months of searching. Her oversized dishes fit on it. I can wash it in the sink when I mop the floor and the dishes too. Even my very-tidy oldest sister thinks I buy a new one all the time.
I have had two days at home to catch up on the big: miscellaneous. Whew. My list is so long. I miss Long Lake in Whistler and put this here to distract you.

A final solution (not the final solution. you know that). I want to have some bright cushions in the mostly neutral living room. I refuse to pay $35 for something that would take me 10 minutes to sew. Neither do I have the tie to drive to and scour the high end fabric shops. My solution is to make my own needlepoint cushion. I've done it before. But I can't pay $160 for a kit. I am the maker of my own prolems.
Because I can't work from a chart any more (not enough brain left) I found the pattern I wanted, blew it up and copied it onto canvas. Cheapola!
This is the Strawberry Thief from William Morris. I saw the original at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. I have a tangle of needlepoint yarn, and Hanne at my LYS said I can use "Smart" sport weight, too. I love that idea and they have a wonderful tapestry blue.
I'm not loving the black diamond shawl. I have a Christmas deadline and so many hoops to jump through and cram in before that. I resent it just a little. Also it's for a friend who feels a bit cheated on her 50th birthday (not my fault). Am I trying to put salve on my own guilt?
Solution: just knit the next stitch. Just knit the next row.

What are the solutions to your life problems?

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