Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Autumn Light

Miss February is very please with herself and the gentle blocking that did not stretch her too much (I hope). She is made of lace, so I made the sleeves a titch short and the hem, well, I don't know. She's taking her time drying in the sunny spot in the living room. I'll have to practice flute somewhere else.
Buttons were easy to find and hard to photograph. I hope you can see how quirky cute they are. And more than half price! I'll get them on as soon as her lay about is done.
Couldn't resist another Whistler picture. The leaves here are green and then they go brown and wet and make mush on the ground. Today is sunny, so I'm good with green.
My niece has joined Ravelry. What a great surprise. She has started spinning (like her mom, my sister) and it has taken off for her. In defense, she has learned to knit again. What a great young artist she is. Say hi from me if you come across "electrictree" on Ravlery and give her some of that beginning support we all need every day.
This is a crazy week of driving in to Surrey. I'm glad for my carpool mate. I really feel pretty confident with sterile technique (it hasn't changed) and I always was good at changing dressings. I found a method to compile some of the information on cards to weed out the noise. I should get back to that. But thanks for keeping me company here and posting on your own blogs to keep me going.

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Life's a Stitch said...

Sunny spot? Where? That's what I get for living in a rain forest. Beautiful sweater.