Thursday, October 09, 2008

Having a Good Time

It's a lot harder than when I was younger. D and I went to Whistler for a few days- alone. The kids were home alone for the first time. It was a marginal success. They were both alive, clean and fed when I returned, and the house was pretty tidy. This was a trial run for a bigger trip in February. But I'm really tired right now.
We had some late nights and lots of outdoor activities. I also went to a Camp Board Meeting- my first. I'll share my camp with you later.
The colours at Whistler were great. I took 180 shots. Our leaves tend to get too wet to be very pretty. We walked to Lost Lake and around it. We went up the ski hill from our side on Blackcomb across to the Whistler side. We ate at pubs (!!) and drank great local beer. We visited places we usually see and discovered new ones. There is so much construction going on for the Olympics.
This is one of my first "take your own picture" shots. I actually got our whole faces in.
And that's us on the bridge over Fitzsimmons Creek. Just stopping and talking. We really enjoyed the fresh air, the open schedule and the time to just wander into the next thing. I even did some studying.

I finished February Lady while watching DVDs (the windy highway was not good for knitting). I cast on and started the black Arctic Diamond shawl and am happy with the gauge.

Tomorrow I'm back to the lab classes and driving into Surrey. Whew. What did I used to do with my time?


Angie said...

Your vacation looks and sounds like a wonderful time. Super picture of you and D.

Life's a Stitch said...

Love the shadow picture.

One positive of C's inability to travel is that the boy won't be left alone while we were gone. And Gracee can stay home. I'm no sure he'd feel the same way.

LNS said...

That is some accomplished photography right there! My self-pictures always include 65% of the people I intended, 25% of my own arm, and 10% more ceiling or floor than is srictly necessary.
It must be nice to have 'seasons' to enjoy.