Monday, October 13, 2008

There Was Pie

We feasted yesterday. Mom had a full turkey dinner, eventhough it was just my little family. We enjoyed it anyway. And that meant there was more pumpkin pie for all. I haven't made pastry in so long. I was not on my game. My hands are no longer freezing cold all the time. It's my turn to have a broken thermostat. It really throws your concentration. Luckily I'm already into whole foods and enjoying this third week of ballet/pilates. I'm finally feeling a bit more flexible. My core is strengthening, too and my posture is improved. I'm prepared for it to be a slow process. The key for me is to find something I want to do and to keep doing it. Today is raining and no imposition on my plans for basement workout.
The black Arctic Diamond shawl from Interweave Knits Winter 2006 is coming along. Amazingly I cast on, did the first 13 rows edging and the first 10 rows of pattern with...wait for it... no mistakes! The acrylic Berrocco Comfort Sock is not my favourite, but this is a gift for someone with deadly allergies. It isn't spun enough and splits. But the softness and drape are delicious.
I'm off to a light lunch at my best friend's and I was crafty enough to cook some of the pumpkin in custard cups to delight her in her dislike of pastry.
This is a big week for travelling to the campus in Surrey: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. I'm thankful I have a good carpool friend. She even knits a little.
I'm also thankful that my penny scheme was embraced by the congregation. All 50 tins were snapped up and more are coming and requested. I, too, need to practice gratitude and if a penny can trigger the habit, that's a bonus.
Hope you are surrounded with abundance and comfort this Thanksgiving.

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LNS said...

Happy Thanksgiving! A bit belated because I wasn't aware of Canadian Thanskgiving. Chalk that up to learning something new every day :-)