Sunday, October 05, 2008

Changing Gears

I totally have a crush on my new information system. It's like finding a great yarn or patter, it takes up all the RAM in your brain. I just watched the "Inbox Zero" video that Merlin Mann did for the Google team and I have to absorb this new information. I also emptied my inbox. Completely. I didn't arbitrarily delete the unknown, I set about "actionable" steps. This is a dynamic process that will require much tweaking, but hopefully will get the monkey of guilt and inaction off my shoulders.

In knitting, sleeve number one is down (or up?) and I'm pretty pleased with February Lady. For such little effort I'm getting pretty great results. I also found a yarn that my friend is not allergic too, not lace weight but close- sock weight. Then I hunted Ravelry for a pattern that suited her and , I think, the yarn. I also found the needles and packed them with the stuff I'm taking to Whistler. To a non-knitter I was just futzing. But you know I was using critical thinking in a logical action plan. It's going to be the Arctic Diamond Shawl in black. That means I must knit it before the days become too short or too dark to work with such a dark yarn. I think I can do this.
I am trying not to struggle with my studies. I'm on a practical, physical, assessment and action phase. D and I are going to Whistler for a few days to walk around and relax. So I'm using narration to write all that I would do for Mrs. Patient, given a case study. Next week I'll actually practice in the lab.
But I'd rather go to Whistler.

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