Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fighting For It

Since January adn the beginning of my course, I have had to give up a lot of my creative creating. I still knit. That is a regular nursing duty. But today I did some ribbon embroidery and made some thank-you cards. Most of my creating has been focused on caring for others and showing my appreciation for them.
It's hard to keep your head down, regurgitate data, squeeze the dormant grey cells and explore no further than "Critical Thinking".
So today, in the shadow of Christmas (OK, more like Hallowe'en) I started heating up the inovative juices.
I like making things with no pattern from the scraps in my basement. Hence the scrappy basement. I gave up a lot of crafts to have a manageable house. My kids grew up and weren't so interested in play dough. But I have always made things. My sewing machine is out and taking up the half of the dining table that my nursing books do not cover.
I never intended to spend so much time studying. It was advertised as a part-time course, but none of us can imagine that. 3 years of work and practice summed up in a few months.
I'm on the good end of the tunnel, though. The family has learned to get by without my constant intervention. I know, it was too much mothering. But I'm still getting the flack tonight from the teenage daughter. One of our first big big storms.
Tomorrow I drive away before she's up. I can't say I'm sorry to not be here to say once again that I won't drive them to school.

I was a fan of Disc Drive. And Here's To You, and the morning music show. Ironically, I won a CBC mug in the last request show. And now I don't really listen. Too much change. I may go back and get to know the new people, but I am hurt that my taste is undervalued. It's different when they were invited in to your house while you had your morning breakfast or cooked supper.
This is a huge time of change for me and defining (not redefining) my self. What really matters. I have had such a time crunch- how do I priorize? How do I fit it all in and still have time to create? Some how.

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