Monday, October 27, 2008


I have had a poor sock year. I knit a jaywalker in lovely dark Mountain Colours and then ripped it in March, or so, because some of the decreases didn't work. I told myself I needed to knit the dark yarn in brighter light.

I cast on brighter blue. Knit and re-knit, I tell you. Then the foot was too big. So I knit the second foot smaller and ripped back the first foot. I don't want to wear them. They're just a titch small and so they are a gift for my sister who has a titch smaller foot. Plus she took pictures of my feet in my red sock like a hunter on safari.

I bought amazing sock yarn this summer. Just a few skeins. But there it languishes in the basement pantry next to the laundry soap and cans of pineapple and mushrooms.

Then, on Friday, I get an idea to make my Grandma a blanket- to keep her cozy in her little apartment and maybe go with her to the hospital. As a nurse I feel strongly about tags that mark a patient as loved and important. Make them. Accost the nurses- this is my Grandma and she is loved and important.

Just as I adopt the runty kitten, I spoil the neglected sweet patients who deserve more attention and love from their significant others.

I have said before that baby sweaters are my socks. I'm hot flashing all over the place and buying lighter weight socks, so I won't be wearing warm cozy socks for a while.

But I am so tempted by all the socks on the net. The sock yarns are amazing. Harry Potter sock yarn? How can I resist? I hope I'm not doomed to make "clever" scarves and other items out of this great yarn.
I have a sock cast on in a travelling bag. But I have a big blue blanket at hand.

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Angie said...

Socks are so tempting. Your Grandmother blanket is looking very nice. She'll appreciate the love in it, I'm will her care givers. Good luck with your tests.